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Who We Are

Isabella & Associates serves individuals, teams, and organizations, primarily through the design and delivery of interactive classroom training.  We work with public, private, nonprofit, and educational organizations. To maintain the highest quality of service, we choose to work with a limited number of clients each year.


Our Purpose

We help our clients facilitate change, enhance relationships, and improve performance.


What You Can Expect

Our work is characterized by these four attributes:

  • Purpose
    • You can expect us to approach your project with a sense of service, candor, compassion, and optimism.
    • We will offer practical and effective solutions that address difficult workplace challenges.  Our training sessions will help your employees learn leadership, teamwork, communication, and conflict management skills.
    • We will help you bring a greater sense of purpose and meaningfulness to your workplace.
  • Creativity and Play
    • You can expect us to use play for serious purposes. We use humor, games, puzzles, simulations, videos, improvisation, art, and  even some mentalism and magic, courtesy of Mark's alter-ego, The Great Malarky (TM).
    • We will provide an engaging, interactive learning environment that facilitates curiosity and risk-taking.
    • You will find that our training makes use of activities, challenges, and practice sessions.  We will avoid the use of passive learning approaches that have been proven to be a waste of time and money.
    • We will use innovative strategies to encourage insights and behavioral change.
    • We will help your employees think more creatively so that they can find novel solutions to workplace challenges.
  • Collaboration
    • We recognize the power of mutual goals, shared effort, and collective intelligence and innovation.
    • You can expect us to move beyond typical client-vendor transactions.  We form trusting, collaborative relationships with our clients.
    • We will use methods that encourage collaboration and a sense of community, both inside and outside the classroom.
    • We will help your employes experience the satisfaction of collaborative work, the meaningfulness of leadership, and the personal and professional growth that occurs when we serve others.




Want to learn more?  Contact us at mark@isabellaandassociates.com.


Isabella & Associates

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Charleston, WV  25322

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